Informatica Interview Questions


If an interview decides your career, then why not make it the best interview of your life. In this era where jobs have become a crucial part of our lives and the competition in the market is high, it becomes difficult for an individual to crack interviews. However, with the help of our Informatica interview questions, it will be easier for you to sit in the interview room and answer all the questions, just like a 10-year old child counting the tables of two.

About Informatica

Informatica is a company that deals with software and offers products related to data integration. It provides products for data masking, maintaining the quality of the data, virtualizing it, master managing it, and ETL purposes. There are various other products and tools of Informatica that are used by various companies for a hundred different purposes such as integrating the data to connect to various different heterogeneous sources and process it. The motto of creating such tools is to reduce human labor and intervention in the industry to produce effective outcomes and meet the current market standards as well as demands.

Best Informatica Interview Questions of 2022

1. What is Informatica?

Informatica is a data integration and quality service tool. The purpose of Informatica ETL is to provide the users, not only a process of extracting data from source systems and bringing it into the data warehouse.

2. What is ETL?

ETL is short for extract, transform, load. ETL is defined as a process that extracts the data from different RDBMS source systems, then transforms the data.The tools that execute these functions are called ETL tools.

3. Why Informatica is best ETL tool?

Informatica claims have high ratio of successful deployment than any other ETL tools. Also its easiness to use and learn, features to connect with wide variety of source data and data types, re usable components etc make it more favorite for ETL developers. Also its own scheduler is another advantage, where other ETL tools have to use an external scheduler.

4. What are the advantages of using Informatica as an ETL tool over Teradata?

The most advanced and used data integration/ETL tool is Informatica. Aspirants looking to foray into database management and electing Informatica training should clearly understand the difference between Informatica and Teradata. Teradata is a database, used for storing large amount of data.

5. What is the difference between Informatica and ETL?

nformatica is ETL tool so your question is ETL development/testing is good. As you are working as a Java developer you have a explosure to collecting the requirements and developing the code so better you go for development side. Ab initio , Big-Data Spark are good ETL tools in present time.

6. What is Informatica PowerCenter?

Informatica PowerCenter is one of the Enterprise Data Integration products developed by Informatica Corporation,used to build and manage PowerCenter objects like sour and Transformation.The PowerCenter server executes tasks based on work flow created by work flow managers.

7. Define the Enterprise of Data Warehousing?

Data is harder to analyse when it is fragmented and/or is stored in multiple areas. An enterprise data warehouse (EDW) consolidates data from multiple sources,An enterprise data warehouse is a unified database that holds all the business information an organization and makes it accessible all across the company.

8. What are the Components of PowerCenter?

  • Power Center Service
  • PowerCenter Clients
  • PowerCenter Repository
  • Power Center Domain
  • Repository Service
  • Integration Service
  • PowerCenter Administration Console

9. How To Delete Duplicate Row Using Informatica?

  • Add a Lookup Transformation with Dynamic lookup cache and Source filter set to something like 1=2 – we don’t want any data to be read by the lookup in fact.
  • Set up the Condition to compare all the ports you want to use to determine duplicates (eg. all but the surogate key)
  • Each new row instance will be assigned the NewLookupPort=1 value. Each subsequent instance (i.e. duplicate) will result in NewLookupPort=2.
  • Use Filter Transformation to discard all NewLookupPort=1 rows
  • Use Update Transformation to set DD_DELETE for all the other rows.

10. Examples of Informatica ETL programs?

  • Mapping
  • Task
  • Workflow
  • Transformations

11. Why use ETL tools?

ETL tools give an advance and effective solution for data fragmentation issues. It will help your IT personnel to modify applications and data sources without the need of restructuring and integration layer that helps in simplifying regulatory reporting, improve customer engagement.

12. Do I have any future in ETL tool?


Informatica – Its highly used ETL tool you can’t go wrong with it but after knowing the basics ..then concentrate on the following. ILM – Informatica Life cycle Management , IDQ – Data Quality and data Cleansing , Informatica XML and Web Service, there a lot of opportunities.

its used by bigger organizations.

13. The use of ETL tool in Informatica?

Any ETL tool extracts data from the required source , applies business rules to it and transforms it and loads into the target.

In informatica ETL tools are power center designer and informatica cloud.

ETL is the concept (one vague example like RDBMS is the concept and oracle is the vendor)

There are many players in the market who offers ease and best tools to carry out ETL processes smoothly. Informatica, is one such tool.

14. Define sessions in Informatica ETL.

Session is a teaching group that requires to be to transform information from source to a target.

15. How can we create Index after completion of Load Process?

Command Tasks are used to create Index. Command Task scripts can be used in a session of workflow to create an index.

16. What is workflow?

The workflow includes a set of instructions which allows the server to communicate for the implementation of tasks.

17. What is Joiner Transformation in Informatica?

Joiner transformation is an active and connected transformation that provides you the option to create joins in Informatica.

18. Define workflow and work-let informatica?

Worklet is a set of tasks. If a certain set of task has to be reused in many workflows then we use worklets. To execute a Worklet, it has to be placed inside a workflow.

A workflow is an execution wrapper around tasks and/or worklets. WorkLet. A worklet is an object that represents a set of tasks.

19. Explain the code page compatibility?

When data moves from one code page to another provided that both code pages have the same character sets then data loss cannot occur. All the characteristics of source page must be available in the target page. Moreover if all the characters of source page are not present in the target page then it would be a subset and data loss will definitely occur during transformation due the fact the two code pages are not compatible.

20. How can you validate all mappings in the repository simultaneously?

All the mappings cannot be validated simultaneously because each time only one mapping can be validated.

21. Briefly explain the Aggregator transformation?

It allows one to do aggregate calculations such as sums, averages etc. It is unlike expression transformation in which one can do calculations in groups.

22. Describe Expression transformation?

Values can be calculated in single row before writing on the target in this form of transformation. It can be used to perform non aggregate calculations. Conditional statements can also be tested before output results go to target tables.

23. What do you mean by filter transformation?

It is a medium of filtering rows in a mapping. Data needs to be transformed through filter transformation and then filter condition is applied. Filter transformation contains all ports of input/output, and the rows which meet the condition can only pass through that filter.

24. What is Joiner transformation?

Joiner transformation combines two affiliated heterogeneous sources living in different locations while a source qualifier transformation can combine data emerging from a common source.

25. What is Lookup transformation?

It is used for looking up data in a relational table through mapping. Lookup definition from any relational database is imported from a source which has tendency of connecting client and server. One can use multiple lookup transformation in a mapping.

26. How Union Transformation is used?

It is a diverse input group transformation which can be used to combine data from different sources. It works like UNION All statement in SQL that is used to combine result set of two SELECT statements.

27. What do you mean Incremental Aggregation?

Option for incremental aggregation is enabled whenever a session is created for a mapping aggregate. Power center performs incremental aggregation through the mapping and historical cache data to perform new aggregation calculations incrementally.

28. What is the difference between a connected look up and unconnected look up?

When the inputs are taken directly from other transformations in the pipeline it is called connected lookup. While unconnected lookup doesnt take inputs directly from other transformations, but it can be used in any transformations and can be raised as a function using LKP expression. So it can be said that an unconnected lookup can be called multiple times in mapping.

29. What is a mapplet?

A recyclable object that is using mapplet designer is called a mapplet. It permits one to reuse the transformation logic in multitude mappings moreover it also contains set of transformations.

Career scopes and salary scale

With the increasing demands of data scientists in the market every single day, the scope of opportunities in the field of Informatica is also increasing day by day. People who are good at programming and analyzing the data can apply for this job in Informatica or in any other fields offering similar jobs. A fresher software engineer who is hired in this industry can earn up to 40,000 to 50,000 dollars per annum, while the experienced ones can earn up to 120,000 to 140,000 dollars per annum based on the skills he or she has.


This article focuses on providing the best Informatica interview questions and answers that will not only help you in cracking the interviews but will also help you in learning many things that you didn’t know earlier. What you have to do is go through the questions and answers, and go for interviews confidently. Similarly, for any questions that you have in mind and is not answered here, you can just drop a message to us, and we will take care of the rest.