Java Tan() Method



The method revisits the digression of the particular double value. Math. tan() revisits the trigonometric digression of an angle. If the row is NaN or an infinity, then the outcome return is NaN. If the argument is zero, then the outcome is a zero with the identical sign as the argument.


double tan(double d)


Here is the detail of parameters −

  • d − A double data type.

Return Value

  • This method returns the tangent of the specified double value.


public class Test { 

   public static void main(String args[]) {
      double degrees = 45.0;
      double radians = Math.toRadians(degrees);

      System.out.format("The value of pi is %.4f%n", Math.PI);
      System.out.format("The tangent of %.1f degrees is %.4f%n", degrees, Math.tan(radians));

This will produce the following result:


The value of pi is 3.1416
The tangent of 45.0 degrees is 1.0000

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