Miscellaneous Changes


Java 13 has brought three new ways to java.nio.file.FileSystems to manage the content of a file as a file system simply.

  • newFileSystem(Path)
  • newFileSystem(Path, Map<String, ?>)
  • newFileSystem(Path, Map<String, ?>, ClassLoader)

Major Changes Added to Language are Given Below:-

  • java.time – Japanese era identity add up
  • javax.crypto – MS Cryptography Next Generation (CNG)support
  • javax.security – jdk.sasl.disabledMechanisms property add up impairing SASL mechanisms
  • javax.xml.crypto – String constants bring out to show Canonical XML 1.1 URIs
  • javax.xml.parsers – Ways add up to instantiate DOM and SAX factories for namespaces assistance
  • Unicode assistance is updated to version 12.1
  • Kerberos principal identity canonicalization assistance adds up, cross-realm referrals are assistance.

API Marked for Removal

  • SocketImpl implementations prior to JDK 1.4
  • javax.security.cert API
  • rmic
  • javadoc tool old features

The remaining details are available at the given link.APIs proposed for removal.