Java 13 may be an important attribute launch and it's come up with many JVM-defined replacements to JAVA and some language-defined replacements. It came after the Java launch cadence announced Java 10 afterward and it had been announced in September 2019, after six months of Java 12 launch.

Java 13 may be a non-LTS release.

New Features

The main new features that are initiated in Java 13 are given below:

  • JEP 354 - Switch Expressions - A preview attribute permitting switch to use given back values via yield.
  • JEP 355 - Text Blocks - A preview attribute to pick up multiline strings such as JSON, XML simply.
  • String new ways - New ways are added to string to handle text blocks.
  • JEP 353 - Socket API Reimplementation - Underlying API is written down again.
  • FileSystems.newFileSystem() - Three new ways are added to make it simple to use.
  • DOM/SAX Factories - New ways are added to feature namespace reinforcement.
  • Dynamic CDS Archive - CDS archives are frequently made easily.
  • JEP 351 - ZGC Enhancements - ZGC improved to give back unused heap memory to the OS.

Java 13 improved many APIs with new ways and options