Numa Aware G1


NUMA is known as Non-Uniform Memory Access. It is a memory builder in which each processor core has its own local memory but additional cores also have permits to access it.

Parallel GC, when used with -XX:+UseParallelGC is NUMA Aware for a number of years. It enhances the performance of configurations processing an individual JVM beyond multiple sockets. With Java 14, G1 is increased to command memory usage better.

Z Garbage Collector

The Z Garbage Collector is a measurable, low-latency garbage collector. It was initially announced in Java 11 as an experimental attribute. It assisted only Linux/x64. With Java 14, now ZGC is ported for Windows and Mac OS also. At this time also, it is an experimental attribute. From Java 15 afterward, it will enhance a part of standard JDK liberate.