How To Install Python On Ubuntu



Python is a far above the ground level, vibrant and general-purpose programming language. It was intended and extended by Python Software Foundation.

Python is a cross-stage language and was first discharged on 20, February 1991.

In the respective tutorial, we are affording the installation procedure of Python that incorporates the subsequent steps.

Even though Python 2.7 is installed by default in Ubuntu, excluding we could install other Python versions such as python3.

To install python3, just type the subsequent command in the incurable and it will be installed robotically.

Python Installation

1) Update the APT Repository

$ apt-get update

2) Install Python

$ apt-get install python3.6

2) Verify Python

When we type python it shows the default installed python that is 2.7.

$ python

For Python3 type the following command, then it will show the other version as well.

$ python3

Well, based on these commands, we can test the application for both Python versions.

Here at Intellinuts, we have created a complete Python tutorial for Beginners to get started in Python.