Python Nested Loops


Python programming language authorizes to adopt one loop within the next loop. The subsequent part shows some examples to demonstrate the concept.

for iterating_var in sequence:
   for iterating_var in sequence:

The syntax for a shelled while ring statement in Python programming language is as go after:

while expression:
   while expression:

A last note on circle nesting is that users can put any category of loop surrounded by several other types of the round. For instance, a loop can be contained by a while loop.


The following program uses a nested for loop to find the prime numbers from 2 to 100


i = 2
while(i < 100):
   j = 2
   while(j <= (i/j)):
      if not(i%j): break
      j = j + 1
   if (j > i/j) : print i, " is prime"
   i = i + 1

print "Good bye!"

When the above code is executed, it produces following result:

2 is prime
3 is prime
5 is prime
7 is prime
11 is prime
13 is prime
17 is prime
19 is prime
23 is prime
29 is prime
31 is prime
37 is prime
41 is prime
43 is prime
47 is prime
53 is prime
59 is prime
61 is prime
67 is prime
71 is prime
73 is prime
79 is prime
83 is prime
89 is prime
97 is prime
Good bye!

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