Python Os.mkfifo() Method



Python method mkfifo() create a FIFO named path with a numeric mode. The default mode is 0666 (octal). The current umask value is first masked out.


Following is the syntax for mkfifo() method:

os.mkfifo(path[, mode])


  • path − This is the path, which needs to be created.
  • mode − This is the mode of the named path to be given.

Return Value

This method does not return any value.


The following example shows the usage of mkfifo() method.

# !/usr/bin/python

import os, sys

# Path to be created
path = "/tmp/hourly"

os.mkfifo( path, 0644 )

print "Path is created"

When we run the above program, it produces the following result:

Path is created

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