Python Os.makedev() Method



Python method makedev() composes a raw device number from the major and minor device numbers.


Following is the syntax for makedev() method:

os.makedev(major, minor)


  • major − This is Major device number.
  • minor − This is Minor device number.

Return Value

This method returns the device number.


The following example shows the usage of makedev() method.


import os, sys

path = "/var/www/html/foo.txt"

# Now get  the touple
info = os.lstat(path)

# Get major and minor device number
major_dnum = os.major(info.st_dev)
minor_dnum = os.minor(info.st_dev)

print "Major Device Number :", major_dnum
print "Minor Device Number :", minor_dnum

# Make a device number
dev_num = os.makedev(major_dnum, minor_dnum)
print "Device Number :", dev_num

When we run the above program, it produces the following result:

Major Device Number : 0
Minor Device Number : 103
Device Number : 103

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