Python String Min() Method



The min() method in Python String returns the min alphabetical character present in the string str. The min()method is again an inbuilt function in the Python programming language that returns the minimum alphabetical character present within a string. The Return value in this case is a character that is alphabetically the lowest character present in the string.


Here is the syntax for min() method:



  • str - This is the string where min alphabetical character shall be returned.

Return Value

This method is responsible for returning the min alphabetical character from within the string str.


The example below shows the usage of min() method.


str = "this-is-real-string-example....wow!!!";
print "Min character: " + min(str)

str = "this-is-a-string-example....wow!!!";
print "Min character: " + min(str)

When the above program is made to run, it produces the following result:

Min character: !
Min character: !

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