Python String Split() Method



The split() method in Python String helps to return a list of all the words present in the string, while making use of the str as the separator which if left unspecified, splits on all whitespace, thereby optionally limiting the total number of splits to num. Thus, one can specify the separator, however, the default separator is any whitespace.

Note: Whenever the max split is specified, then the list would contain the specific number of elements plus one.


Here is the syntax for split() method:

str.split(str="", num=string.count(str)).


  • str - This represents any delimiter and by default it is space.
  • num - this signifies the number of lines minus one

Return Value

This method in the Python string returns a list of lines.


The example below shows the usage of the split() method.


str = "Line1-abcdef \nLine2-abc \nLine4-abcd";
print str.split( )
print str.split(' ', 1 )

When the above program is run, it produces the following result:

['Line1-abcdef', 'Line2-abc', 'Line4-abcd']
['Line1-abcdef', '\nLine2-abc \nLine4-abcd']

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