Servlet Container


It gives the runtime condition for JavaEE (j2ee) applications. The client and user can request only for static WebPages from the server. If the user desires to read the online pages as per input then the servlet container is employed in java.

The servlet container is a part of a web server which may be run during a separate process.There are Three types the servlet container states.

Server container State:

  • Standalone: It's typical Java-based servers during which the servlet container and therefore the web servers are the integral part of one program. For example:- Tomcat running(processing) by itself
  • In-process: it's separated from the online server, because a special program runs Inside the address space of the server as a plug-in. For example:- Tomcat is running(processing) inside the JBoss.
  • Out-of-process: the online server and servlet container are different programs which are run during a different procedure. For performing the communications between two of them, the web server makes use of the plug-in which is provided by the servlet container.

Some operations which are performed by Servlet Containers are given below:

  • Life Cycle Management
  • Multi threaded support
  • Object Pooling
  • Security etc