Content Type


Content Type is additionally referred to as MIME (Multipurpose internet Mail Extension)Type. It's a HTTP header that gives the outline about what you are transferring to the browser.

MIME is an online standard that's used to enlarge the restricted capacity of email by authorizing the insertion of sounds, images and text during a message.

The characteristics as long as by MIME to the e-mail services are as given below:

  • It supports the non-ASCII characters
  • It supports the multiple attachments during a single message
  • It supports the attachment which contains workable audio, images and video files etc.
  • It supports unlimited message length.

Content Types Lists:

Many Content Types are there. The most common used content types are given below:

  • text/html
  • text/plain
  • application/msword
  • application/vnd.ms-excel
  • application/jar
  • application/pdf
  • application/octet-stream
  • application/x-zip
  • images/jpeg
  • images/png
  • images/gif
  • audio/mp3
  • video/mp4
  • video/quicktime etc.